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For honor and glory
For honor and glory
Courage in battle and skill with your sword - not every fighter can become a knight. Eternal honor awaits those who can hold their own in duels or tournaments. Find your place at the Round Table.

BattleKnight - News

BattleKnight: Update v1.4.9


Noble Knights, Lords and Ladies!

We have an update for BattleKnight, it’s small but has a few important changes for the game.


  • [Feature] Players can now report order (alliance) messages.
  • [Feature] Unsubscribe link for advertisement emails has been added to the registration mail.
  • [Fix] Clues that point to event locations will automatically fix themselves after the event ends.
  • [Fix] Match making for order wars was not calculated correctly.
  • [Change] Remove all negative constitution debuffs from items (existing and future.)
  • [Change] Minimum characters for reporting messages has been decreased to 5.

The update will be live on the German servers first on the 16th of June.
All other servers will be updated on the 17th of June.


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