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For honor and glory
For honor and glory
Courage in battle and skill with your sword - not every fighter can become a knight. Eternal honor awaits those who can hold their own in duels or tournaments. Find your place at the Round Table.

BattleKnight - News

BattleKnight: A survey for the next update


Dear BattleKnight players,

in order to give you a better way of taking part in the further development of Battleknight, especially in improving the order wars system, we set up a survey we’d like you to take part in. By answering 4 questions in the survey you’ll help us greatly in deciding our next steps. The survey starts on Thursday, 28th February at 00:00 CET and ends on Friday, 8th March at 00:00 CET.

You will be reminded about the survey on Thursday by server messages and an ingame banner. A link to the survey will be provided once it started.

Your Battleknight Team


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