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Blood, dust and glory
Blood, dust and glory
Blood and battle! In a world in which the best warriors step out of the catacombs and out into the sun to decide their destiny. Honour and victory await you in the dust of the arena, but also the glorious stories of an ancient world. Raise your sword...

Gladiatus - News

60.000 Fans on Facebook - Reward


Ave Gladiators!


We reached the 60.000 fans on Facebook in such a short time, thank you all for that!

The Emperor promised a reward, here are the details:


One week of „Bread and Games“ to the people from the 21st-28th of February!


The "Bread and Games" event includes the following:

  • 5x gold from the victory reward in the arenas
  • 2x gold from the victory reward in the Circus Turma / Provinciarum
  • 50% discount on all food (gold and rubies)
  • 6 special drinks*:

Mulsum – Shorten quest waiting time 

Rubellum – 1 ruby 

Vinum – shorten expedition cooldown 

Cervisia - 1 day of Centurio 

Korma - shorten dungeon cooldown 

Henqet - 4 wages of a stable boy's work


Since tomorrow all countries will get the update to v1.7.0, we will start the event next week.

We still hope you will enjoy the event and gain as much gold and items as you can!


All the best,

Your Gladiatus Team


*Additional note:- The special drinks are still valid / can still be used after the event ended.


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