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The future of antiquity
The future of antiquity
The sun beams down on you and in the distance you can hear the soft crashing of waves. The blue shoreline is a vast space of emptiness and is waiting to be colonised. A new age of prosperity is beginning with workers, soldiers and scientists. Do you want to take charge of it?

Ikariam - News

Ikariam version 0.5.12


Ikariam version 0.5.12 will be rolled out today (Apr 10) on test server, and in next days on live servers.

What follows is the changelog for this new update.

  • Feature - Diplomacy advisor redesign and expansion:
    • Player search added as a new tab.
    • New "Ignore" button in the messages view. The current ignore list can be found under a new "Ignored players" tab, where previously ignored players can also be unignored.
    • Alliance tab revised.
    • In the Treaty view, player can now write to their treaty partners directly via a message button

  • Feature - The Governor's Residence now shows how much the town's corruption would be reduced if the building were upgraded a level.
  • Feature - When dismissing units, it now displays how many resources the player will get back.
  • Change - The city where war server badges are displayed can be changed on the allocation screen (previously badges were always displayed at the capital).
  • Change - The combat report converter now displays how many resources were destroyed in battle.
  • Change - Islands without an own town don't display Agora
  • Bugfix - Incorrect resources returned for demolishing a depot.
  • Bugfix - Incorrect city named in the town advisor message on the return of a black market trading fleet.
  • Bugfix - The number of new messages in the diplomacy advisor was incorrect if there were any unread messages on one of the following pages.
  • Bugfix - Alliance roles handled incorrectly when sorting the alliance members list according to rank. The following order is now used: 1. Leader, 2. General, 3. Diplomat, 4. Interior Minister, 5. - X. the alliance's own ranks.
  • Bugfix - Clicking on one of the greyed out action buttons on the island view (e.g. plunder, when the player has no units) will no longer cause the page to reload unnecessarily.
  • Bugfix - Fixed JavaScript errors when editing or creating a new alliance rank in the Embassy.
  • Bugfix - If Athena's miracle is active, the storehouse and depot will now display for how long.
  • Bugfix - It was possible for units that went missing after a battle, previously for sale on the black market, to be automatically put back on sale (although they were still moving). It was not possible to buy them, but buyers now no longer see any ineligible offers.
  • Bugfix - The link to the forum in the registration email can be clicked directly from within email programs.
  • Bugfix - Display issues if a window meant for a different main screen was opened using the back button (e.g. if the player was on the island view and the back button opened a town building).
  • Bugfix - If a capital city had no more free living space and the player then conferred capital status on another city, it was possible for the capital to receive negative citizens or researchers.
  • Bugfix - Fixed an issue whereby the "Close" button of a pop-up window disappeared off the screen and was unclickable if the window's contents were too long.
  • Bugfix - By using special characters, it was possible to create names (e.g. for cities) which appeared merely as blank spaces. The following rules now apply for player, city and alliance names:
    • Spaces are permitted.
    • Spaces at the beginning and end will be removed.
    • Multiple spaces will be converted to single spaces.

  • Bugfix - Neither umlauts nor other diacritical marks could be used in the alliance search.
  • Bugfix - Closing a window by pressing the escape key did not close any open tooltips.
  • Bugfix - All pop-ups can now be closed using the escape key, including chat and notes.
  • Bugfix - The number of messages which could be used in a 5-minute period was not always calculated correctly.
  • Bugfix - If a battle was lost in the first round, it was possible for the battle report to erroneously display the result as won in the military advisor screen.
  • Bugfix - Fixed display issues in the Spartan tooltips on the "Ikariam Plus" screen.
  • Bugfix - Not all of the clickable area worked when expanding espionage reports on the relevant screen.
  • Bugfix - Automatic screen refreshes closed the city choice list if this was currently open.
  • Bugfix - It was possible to have a higher island conversion in the capital than actual converted population.
  • Bugfix - Old graphics were being displayed on the screens for building a new building, the building help screens and the town relocation screen.
  • Bugfix - The selection of a town in the island view was retained even if something else was clicked.
  • Bugfix - The area between the overview and advisors can now be clicked through in all browsers except IE.
  • Bugfix - The message stating when no more ports may be blocked has been made more precise.
  • Bugfix - Accuracy bar for town wall is displayed
  • Bugfix - Diabled notifaction settings do not interfere with other settings
  • Bugfix - Choosing buildings in ikipedia displayed academy insted of town hall
  • Bugfix - Missing backlinks to monument, premium trader and dismiss units added

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Ikariam: New servers


Adventurous sailors have discovered a group of islands that are completely uninhabited! There's talk of untouched forests, mountains of marble, enormous quantities of wild vines and lots more. Equipping a fleet and paying a visit to pastures new would probably be worth it...

A new server offers you a new chance to be part of the game from the very beginning! New Ikariam servers are online in AE, BR, DE, EN, ES, FR, GR, HU, IL, IT, PL, PT, RO, RU, TR and US now!

Enjoy the new challenges!


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