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The future of antiquity
The future of antiquity
The sun beams down on you and in the distance you can hear the soft crashing of waves. The blue shoreline is a vast space of emptiness and is waiting to be colonised. A new age of prosperity is beginning with workers, soldiers and scientists. Do you want to take charge of it?

Ikariam - News

Ikariam 2012: The new layout


The end of the year 2011 is closing in and the time has come that we'd like to give you a sneak preview on what you should expect in the first quarter of 2012 in Ikariam.

The world of Ikariam will shine brightly in a whole new layout in 2012. This fresh new layout will allow you to experience the world of Ikariam in full screen mode. It also provides us with a lot of new possibilities concerning the cities, thus allowing us to promise you 2 new building slots for each city already. And there is yet much more to come!

In 2012 Ikariam will be going mobile. We're currently working on a special Ikariam version, especially meant to be used with mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets which will allow you to access your empires from everywhere, the sofa, the beach or on the bus. This mobile version requires us to know your wishes, thoughts and ideas for said version which is why we have created a survey for you so you can let us know about them.

Please find the survey at: http://sgiz.mobi/s3/Ikariam-Webapp-Mobile-Version-Survey

We hope you'll have a lot of fun in winterly Ikariam!

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