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The future of antiquity
The future of antiquity
The sun beams down on you and in the distance you can hear the soft crashing of waves. The blue shoreline is a vast space of emptiness and is waiting to be colonised. A new age of prosperity is beginning with workers, soldiers and scientists. Do you want to take charge of it?

Ikariam - News

Ikariam: Happy Hour


The sundial at the marketplace has confirmed it! The countdown to Happy Hour has started. Secure a bonus of 20 percent when you purchase Ambrosia - available today (March 19th).

The -20% Happy Hour will start at:
  • 19:30 server time for all European and Middle East countries
  • 23:00 server time for all South American servers
  • 02:00 server time for USA and Mexico.

Duration: 2 hours.


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