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The future of antiquity
The future of antiquity
The sun beams down on you and in the distance you can hear the soft crashing of waves. The blue shoreline is a vast space of emptiness and is waiting to be colonised. A new age of prosperity is beginning with workers, soldiers and scientists. Do you want to take charge of it?

Ikariam - News

New Ikariam startpage optimized for smartphones


We updated the start page on our test server (http://test.en.ikariam.com). This start page now includes a light graphic version to optimize loading times for any mobile device you might be playing Ikariam on. There is no mobile version of the game itself yet, but the start page should already ease things up a lot.

We have no international release date set yet (the page is also active on Ikariam Germany at the moment) but it shouldn't take too long until the page is also available in all our Ikariam countries.

Have fun testing !

Your Ikariam Team

Update News

Tuesday March 29th, 2:30 pm:
The mobile version of the start page is now online in Germany, UK, Italy, Russia, Poland, Brazil and the US.


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