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Long live the king!
Long live the king!
Return to the age of knights and castles: Grab the scepter and lead your small civilization into the glory of a mighty imperial kingdom! Win honorable battles or trade cleverly - the decision is all yours!

KingsAge - News

KingsAge: World Championship 2014


KingsAge is opening its doors to the battle for the world crown on an international speed server.
From the 5th of August to the 5th of September 2014, the best players in the world can stake their claim to KingsAge's throne.

The player and alliance with the highest total amount of points win the title of 'KingsAge World Champion 2014', but there are also valuable game vouchers up for grabs, as well as the official world championship medals for your profiles:

Best player: 50€ Coupon
2nd player: 50€ Coupon
3rd player: 50€ Coupon
Player rank 4-10: 25€ Coupon
Best alliance: 3€ Coupon for every member

The Server:

• The server is going to start and end at 12:00 GMT+2 (German time)
• The server is going to run in English. However, you can communicate in any language you like


• Speed: 20
• Unit run time: 9
• Alliance limited to 50 members
• Attack protection for newbies: 1 day
• Maximum travelling distance to next count: 100 fields
• Realm of power increase per hour: 10% of the settlement points
• Donkey cancellation time: 5 mins
• Attack cancellation time: 10 mins
• Night protection is switched off
• Peace treaty is switched off
• Sleep mode is switched off

• Switching alliances is banned in the week before the server expires
• Relocations prevent own attacks for 24 hours instead of 48 hours
• Max. ratio attacker : defender: deactivated
• Initial conquering protection is switched off

Be there when the battle for the world crown begins on the 5th of August.




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