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Defeat darkness
Defeat darkness
Ever since the king disappeared and his brother started ruling with an iron fist, dark shadows and demons have taken over the country of Aris. However, brave adventurers are raising their swords against this terror. Join them and face inferno!

Tanoth - News

The Dungeon of Illusions


The King's High Mage is certain. Dark shadows lie ahead in Aris' future and in these shadows, an age-old danger is lurking. The land is going to need heroes. Heroes like you!
In order to be fully prepared for the coming danger, every fighter needs to train hard. To this end the High Mage has summoned illusions of powerful enemies and banished them in a chamber deep in the desert.

Training will be paid: earn yourself runes and gemstones soon!

King Halgan will pay those who put themselves to the challenge of training with magical items as well as gemstones and runes.
Are you ready to venture into the desert?

Waiting there is a new dungeon for entry from level 30:

  • New epic items- Training for the coming dangers
  • Free playable runes and gemstones for the Evocation Circle
  • A durable challenge via ever stronger dungeon opponents

Good luck in the fight against the illusions!
Your Tanoth team


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