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Sharpen your blade and mind
Sharpen your blade and mind
Let yourself be enchanted by picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes in a far eastern fantasy world. But unfortunately a shadow has been cast over this land: The influence of the Metin Stones has brought about fear, turmoil and war. Raise your sword and take charge of your destiny.

Metin2 - News

International Comic Contest


Dear Community - It is time to get creative!

We have been working hard to bring you the first international Metin2 Comic Competition. From today on, you can show your artistic vein to Metin2 fans all over the world. The international Metin2 Comic Competition is clucking with fantastic prizes and the opportunity to present your work not only in our forums, but in galleries on our official Metin2 homepages all over the world.

Did this make you curious? Then please read on…

As you probably guessed we have some rules in place for everyone keen on participating in the contest. Once you’re done with your Metin2 comic, which has to consist of at least three pictures, you should send it either as a .png or .jpg to

We leave it up to you whether you use an Art Pad or a scan from a classic drawing. The comics do not necessarily have to include text, but if you decide so, we suggest using English so you can simply reach more people with it, as the comics will be published internationally. The only real condition is that the comic has to be Metin2 themed. Needless to say we expect every comic to be suitable for viewers under 18. Although we would like to publish every comic we receive on our official homepages, we reserve the right to ignore material that does not comply with our terms and conditions for the contest as mentioned above.

Once the deadline (30.11.2011) passed, the international voting for the comics will commence. Metin2 players all over the world will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite comic. Please be aware that only those Metin2 accounts created before 11.10.2011 (today) are eligible for the voting. This rule is to prevent pushing for a certain comic by creating multi-accounts.

We are going to update our websites once we received the first comics and will let you know in this thread. Of course this thread will also serve as Q&A for the competition, so if you have any questions – shoot away.

Comic Competition - Prizes

The best will earn fame and honor – and we're adding a bit of hardware to the list! Once the voting finishes on 16.12.2011, the winners of the Metin2 Comic Competition can look forward to prizes that will make their gamer hearts skip a beat.

Our prizes for you

* 1x Gaming PC
* 1x iPad 2
* 3x Perixx Peritab 501Touch Tablet

In addition

* Pearls
* Soul Stones
* Twisted Keys
* Magic Stones
* Golden, Silver and Bronze Certificates

So, to the drawing board! Take part and send your competition entry to

Good luck and more importantly – have fun!
Your Metin2 Community Team



Dear community,


as we got several requests to widen the variety of options for participating in this awesome event, we like to inform you that from now on screenshots of your comics are accepted for this competition. Please keep in mind that screenshots should create a comic strip of at least 3 images and tell a story! Each participation not fulfilling these requirements won't be accepted.



Metin2 Team

Some clarification

Dear community,
we received the first Comics and we realized that maybe we weren't clear enough. So here some more information for you.

The Comic Competition is meant as Comic Strip Competition, which requires you to send in 3 or more images, related to each other and telling a story, or a single image, with a comic strip inside. Pleas note that screenshots of the game are not allowed! Also, every person can send only 1 time his/her Comics.

Also, we would like to remember you, that only adult ones (over 18 years old!) can participate, and when you send the email you have to add the following informations:


More informations about the prizes will come soon.

Happy drawing,
Your Metin2 Community Team

Terms and Conditions for the Metin 2 Comic Competition

The comic competition will be organised by Gameforge 4D GmbH (hereinafter Gameforge), Albert-Nestler-Straße 8, 76131 Karlsruhe and will take place from 17.10.2011 onwards. Full details can be found on our internet pages and in the official forums.

You may send in your comics via email to up until and including the 30.11.2011. Please state your name and address in the email. Your details will be used solely for the purposes of the competition and will be deleted afterwards. Comics entered after the 30.11.2011 cannot and will not be permitted for entry. Conferment of the prizes is not permitted, any recourse to a court of law is excluded.

Participation is limited to persons of full age. Employees of Gameforge as well as members of our voluntary Metin2 teams are excluded from participation.

With registration, the participant agrees that Gameforge may publish entered comics on Gameforge internet pages and on Gameforge Facebook pages within the scope of the competition and permits Gameforge usage rights that are not limited by time, are not exclusive and that may be cancelled at any time via email to The participant also agrees that, should the entry be published, the nickname they provide may be published with the entry and that this is sufficient as denotation of their authorship.


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