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Sharpen your blade and mind
Sharpen your blade and mind
Let yourself be enchanted by picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes in a far eastern fantasy world. But unfortunately a shadow has been cast over this land: The influence of the Metin Stones has brought about fear, turmoil and war. Raise your sword and take charge of your destiny.

Metin2 - News

Metin2: Spider Dungeon 3


Eight legs, as long as spears, dangerous fangs and a deadly stinger – in Spider Dungeon 3, the Spider Baroness lurks surrounded by some hefty booty! Face this dark creature and her poisonous entourage - protect the population of your kingdom from becoming spider feed! Discover a new floor in the Spider Dungeon and make the long legs of the gigantic Spider Baroness dance to the tune of your whistle!

Some hints for your glorious adventure:
  • Minimum Level for the new boss room: 50
  • Target Level for the new boss room: 50-85
  • Requirement to enter the boss room: Arachnids Key & a group

How do you get this key?
Go and see the captain. He will hand you out a passage ticket and send you to the dungeon to get a copy of an inscription.

If you have the copy go back to the Captain. Unfortunately he's not able to read the ancient signs.

Don't worry, the wise Uriel will help you. Get the translation from him and go back again to the captain.

After the captain read the inscription he sends you back to Uriel and also you'll get another passage ticket. Uriel should know how to open the door to the cruel spider baroness.

Again wise Uriel has all the answers: Collect a Spider's Poison Sack, Spider Web, Spider Eyes, Spider Egg Sack, Spider Legs and the Queen Spider Poison (24 hours duration)

Back to Uriel he'll try to create the Arachnids Key for you. But be careful, he might fail and you have to collect everything again.

As soon as you get the key you should call together your combatants. For the last part of the adventure you need a group. Although only the leader needs the key to open the door, all other members need to do the quest on their own until Uriel sends them out to collect the ingredients for the key. If you're ready just click on the inscription in SD2 (group leader needs to enter the room first). Once you are inside the Boss Room, you will have 20 minutes to accomplish your mission. Your goal will be to defeat the Spider Baron, get the Whistle and call the Spider Baroness. The Spider Baroness will come with 9 Spider Eggs, this eggs can help you, find out how! Good luck!

Is there anything else new?
Yes, besides the new boss room we also added a new level of the Spider Dungeon with more room where you can go fight. Also there will be an additional Spider Queen in Spider Dungeon 2 that spawns every 30 minutes. The Spider Queen in Spider Dungeon 1 will instead spawn every 4 hours.

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