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Sharpen your blade and mind
Sharpen your blade and mind
Let yourself be enchanted by picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes in a far eastern fantasy world. But unfortunately a shadow has been cast over this land: The influence of the Metin Stones has brought about fear, turmoil and war. Raise your sword and take charge of your destiny.

Metin2 - News

Xmas Event 2011


Lots of young Warriors, Shamans, Suras and Ninjas gathered around the Old Man, waiting for him to start telling the story.

The story of that night was about a little Young Reindeer. The puppy got lost in the valleys of Metin2 and expected someone to help him find the 10 Stockings that Santa Claus was looking for. The young knight, brave enough to take charge of the quest, went to Santa Claus to talk to him. Santa Claus gave him the Mulled Wine as a little help to complete the quest and to keep him warm during the cold winter days.

The quest had started and the Young Reindeer was hopping around the young knight, and was helping him to find the Stockings needed to receive the reward from Santa Claus. All of a sudden, in front of the young knight, a Metin Stone appeared. But after destroying it, to the surprise of the young knight, a Seal Rudolph fell to the ground.

The young knight tried to use this magic seal, and suddenly found himself riding a magnificent reindeer called Rudolph.

The search for the Stockings lasted 20 days... after this time the Young Reindeer disappeared, and so did Santa Claus.

End ...


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