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Colonies of the Future
Colonies of the Future
The universe is an endless ocean of space - but it is ready to be conquered! These powerful galaxies give you an endless amount of opportunities. Create your empire through colonization, war and trade. Start your intergalactic conquest now!

OGame - News

OGame: Happy Hour


On 10th April 2014, from 11:00 till 23:00 server time, we will have a Happy hour event with 20% more Dark Matter for every purchase.

Your OGame team

OGame: Moon Days


On Tuesday 08th and Wednesday 09th April, we will have a MOONS Item offer all day long (00:01 until 23:59 server time).

ALL MOONS items (items for moonshots and for moon fields) will have a 15% discount.

In addition: we will also have a 30% moon chance event running at the same time.

Happy moon days!

OGame: Cashback event - 15%


Hi OGame fans!

You will be reimbursed 15% of the total amount of Dark Matter which you spend on Wednesday 26th and Thursday 27th from 00:01 until 23:59 (server time) .

Dark Matter will be added back on the accounts on Saturday the 29th.

More details in the OGame forum.

Best regards
Your Gameforge.com team

OGame Spring Festival


Between 20.03 and 23.03 check out the OGame Facebook page. We have prepared special event for you!

Every day we will gift a total amount of 1.500.000 Dark Matter. Your only task is to answer correctly the question we will post on daily basis and you will automatically have chance to win. Details can be found on the Facebook Page

Have a wonderful spring with OGame!

OGame: Expedition event


Dear OGame players,

We will have one event for you. You will receive x9 more Dark Matter on expeditions (in the case you find Dark Matter) during the event period.

Starting date: Thursday 13th March (00:01, server time)
Ending date: Friday 14th March (23:59, server time)

Wish you good luck.
Your OGame Team

OGame Expedition Event - X9 More Dark Matter


We have one event for you this week. You will receive x9 more Dark Matter on expeditions (in the case you find Dark Matter) during the event period.

Starting date: Wednesday 22nd January (00:01, server time)
Ending date: Thursday 23rd January (23:59, server time)

Wish you good luck.

Your OGame Team

OGame: Merchant Offer


On Jan 11th 2014, each merchant call will cost 2.000 Dark Matter (instead of 3.500) for the whole day (server time).

Enjoy playing.
Your OGame team

OGame: 07.01.2014 - new servers, undisturbed galaxies!


Resting on your laurels not your thing? Your fleet yearns for new challenges? Or is your galaxy belt on its last rung? Then help is at hand... as the universe is expanding:


BR - (x2 Fleet / x1 Economy, 7 galaxies, +25 fields, DiDF)

CZ - (Normal Universe)

DE - (x3, 50% DF, +25 fields)

DK - (Normal Universe)

EN - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 70% DF, +25 fields)

ES - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 7 galaxies, +25 fields) 

FR - (Normal Universe)

HU - (Normal Universe)

IT - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 7 galaxies, +25 fields) 

NL - (Normal Universe)

NO - (x3, 50% DF, 7 galaxies)

PL - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 60% DF, +25 fields)

PT - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 50% DF, 7 galaxies, +25 fields)

RO - (x3, 60% DF, 7 galaxies)

RU - (Normal Universe)

TW - (Normal Universe)

TR - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 50% DF, +25 fields)

US - (x2 Fleet / x4 Economy, 50% DF, +25 fields)


Use this chance and set out now – to the borders of the universe. And beyond...

Your OGame Team

OGame: 30% moon chance event


We will have a 30% moon chance event on Nov 15th and 16th from 00:01 until 23:59 (server time). During the event period, maximum moon chance will be increased up to 30%. M.O.O.N.S. items will generate a battle of 30% moon chance as well.

Wish you good luck!

Your OGame Team

OGame 5.6.0 and Moon Event


On August 12th, we will get OGame Version 5.6.0 in all countries. Along with this version we will run one moon event (max. chance increased to 30%) and implement new moon items. The event is running in the following countries: CZ, DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, HU, IT, NL, PL, PT, RO, RU, SI, TR, US.

Changelog OGame 5.6.0:

[Polishing] Empire view: Rename Booster Tab to "Items"
[Feature Request] Auctioneer: allow to disable the messages from the auctioneer
[Feature Request] Mark rows colorful in empire view
[Bugs] Building queue/field warning: Incorrect consideration of demolish orders for the field warning
[Bugs] Auctioneer: Missing information "You have been overbidden"
[Bugs] Shipyard & Nanite factory: Incorrect tooltip text on the demolish button when the building queue is full
[Bugs] Demolition when Ship yard / Nanite factory is busy
[Bugs] Incorrect behaviour when using demolition while all fields are used
[Bugs] Icon to apply for an alliance in the search overlay, though you are in an alliance
[Bugs] Problem on the speed selection using Enter Key while mouseovering other speed %
[Bugs] Bottom planet tooltip in the planet list covered by the footer
[Bugs] Import / Export & Auctioneer: Incorrect amount of resources displayed
[Bugs] Coordinates link in detailed combat report not working properly
[Bugs] Chance for a Moon, even if there is already one
[Bugs] Fleet2+3 / Search overlay: After pushing enter on the search overlay you are forwarded to the next page / fleet is sent
[Bugs] Tooltip above vacation mode icon: small error
[Bugs] Fleet pages & Search Overlay: After using the search overlay and closing it the Enter key does not submit the fleet
[Bugs] Incorrect pillory link in galaxy
[Bugs] Highscores: Total loss of expedition is not considered in Highscores
[Bugs] Uncaught Exception after deleting C&C in Fleet-Movement-Page
[Bugs] IE8: The Items in the Shop got an Wrong Sorting Order
[Bugs] Shop/Inventory: Different Item order

M.O.O.N.S. Items:
With these items you can start an attack of 1.667 light fighters from position 16. (100% speed, combustion drive level 8)
Attack will start after a warm up phase (1h gold; 18h silver; 42h bronze).
In order to activate the item (and start the attack) you must have a certain amount of resources in that planet.
These items can be activated as often as player wants and several at the same time.
Attacks won't be visible by phalanx and NO debris will be created during the battle.

Gold M.O.O.N.S.
Warm up : 1h
Costs : 100.000 DM, and 2.500.000 Metal, 850.000 Crystal

Silver M.O.O.N.S.
Warm up : 18h
Costs : 50.000 DM, and 3.000.000 Metal, 1.000.000 Crystal

Bronze M.O.O.N.S.
Warm up : 1d 18h
Costs : 30.000 DM, and 3.500.000 Metal, 1.150.000 Crystal

Moon field items:
These items work as the planet fields items do. Player activates the item and receive extra fields on the moon.
Only one moon field item can be activated at a time. Two moon field items can't run at the same time.
Higher items CAN overwrite lower ones but not the other way around.

Gold Moon Fields
+ 6 fields
Costs : 100.000 DM

Silver Moon Fields
+ 4 fields
Costs : 50.000 DM

Bronze Moon Fields
+ 2 fields
Costs : 30.000 DM

New item list views:
Since M.O.O.N.S. items can be activated as often as player wants and several at the same time, item bar has been modified and paged in overview and empire view, navigation arrows have been added.


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