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Colonies of the Future
Colonies of the Future
The universe is an endless ocean of space - but it is ready to be conquered! These powerful galaxies give you an endless amount of opportunities. Create your empire through colonization, war and trade. Start your intergalactic conquest now!

OGame - News

OGame: Version 2.2.5 announced


The OGame Team announced update 2.2.5. OGame 2.2.5 contains new features and several bugfixes and changes for our popular browser game.

  • DM now shown with distinction if the DM is bought or found (tooltip).
  • Green construction arrows now also available in research menu.
  • Planet list now shows correct moon picture.

  • Several display problems (messages, phalanx, alliance page, ...) have been resolved.
  • Several text problems (e.g. tutorial) are fixed.
  • Wrong error message in player search menu has been corrected.
  • Broken character counter in alliance message is fixed.
  • The error message for resigned alliance members send now to the right player.
  • Login problems on login page have been fixed.
  • BBcode problems on alliance page have been resolved.
  • Several javascript problems were solved.
  • Footer is repaired.

We will beginn with updates on German servers today. Other language versions will follow in the next few days.


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