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Seize the prairie
Seize the prairie
Smoking colts in the wild wild west! It’s not easy living life when you’re subjected to merciless heat, endless desert and an everlasting war between Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans. Only he who has the tenacity to survive can colonize land here. So, what’s your strategy?

WildGuns - News

WildGuns: Global Server Names Event


Yeehaa friends of the Wild Wild West,

we want to give you all an opportunity to participate in a really nice contest. That's why this is a global event.

What's this global contest about?
  • We need new names for new servers!

What do you have to do?
  • Send in at least 5 suggestions for new server names!

What do we need from you?
  1. Send an email to: events@wildguns.de
  2. use the subject: global server names event
  3. list your five server name suggestions
  4. list your game registrated emailadress and nickname
  5. mention the country you are from

Date and Time:
The contest runs from 26th of March to 8th of April 2012.
Then we will make a preselection and put a voting in every board.
So each country can vote and in the end we will have five winners.

Send your mail during this timeframe. Only one mail is allowed!

  • 1st Prize: the mighty Wildguns Coffee Mug!
  • 2nd Prize: Coupons amounting to 12 Euro
  • 3rd Prize: Coupons amounting to  9 Euro
  • 4th Prize: Coupons amounting to  6 Euro
  • 5th Prize: Coupon  amounting to  3 Euro


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