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Seize the prairie
Seize the prairie
Smoking colts in the wild wild west! It’s not easy living life when you’re subjected to merciless heat, endless desert and an everlasting war between Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans. Only he who has the tenacity to survive can colonize land here. So, what’s your strategy?

WildGuns - News

WildGuns: Outlaws


With the last of his strength, the farmer dragged himself to the local sheriff and delivered the Outlaws’ message:

"You have attacked our villages, looted our homes and killed our families for long enough. If you cannot deliver us 100 bear traps within 5 days, we will be left with no option but to attack and destroy your villages."

With his last breath, the farmer then died in the arms of the sheriff.

April Fool!


Nation Info:

This nation cannot be selected by players and all actions will be controlled by the system, just like the NPCs are.
If the user cannot meet the demands, he will be attacked by randomly selected Outlaw villages. The number of Outlaws that attack will depend on the size of the villages. It is possible, however, that nearby Outlaws will support the attacking Outlaws with troops.

The Outlaws are not interested in taking over villages. Their only intent is to pillage and destroy everything.
They will be choosing their attacking units at random and will leave as fast as they appear.

Through numerous fights with the law and years of conflict with their neighbours, the Outlaws have been able to steadily
improve their skills and have now reached a level that is unmatched by any other nation. Therefore, each player should carefully consider whether they will attack them and if so, how they will do it. Always keep in mind that they know your tactics.


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