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Seize the prairie
Seize the prairie
Smoking colts in the wild wild west! It’s not easy living life when you’re subjected to merciless heat, endless desert and an everlasting war between Cowboys, Indians and Mexicans. Only he who has the tenacity to survive can colonize land here. So, what’s your strategy?

WildGuns - News

Exchange market party in the Wild West


We’ve just found out that our beloved premium dealer is awaiting a visit from his old prairie buddy CrazyDog on the 8th February, 2012. They want to celebrate their reunion with plenty of firewater and you are cordially invited to join in on their festivities. Influenced by some high percentage firewater they are exchanging resources 1:1 at a rate 20% better than the norm between the hours of 7 PM and 9 PM (local time). For each raw material you deliver, you can select an additional 20% more raw material.

They are looking forward to your visit! Celebrate with them for as long as you can!

Enjoy the party
Your Sheriff


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